What is violet glass?

Violet glass bottles can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. Even then, valuable essence and healing natural products were kept in violet glass bottles. Nowadays, we don’t call it violet glass, but biophotonic glass. Sometimes it is important that certain substances are kept in a special container. Only this way it is possible to preserve the substance and especially expensive substances. Biophotonic glass is used in a lot of different industries, and the public has an interest in it. There are also a lot of benefits connected to the use of biophotonic glass. What are the benefits, and what is the functionality? In this article, we will discuss this further, so you know everything about it.


Most products decay in natural light, especially with sunlight. This will accelerate the process of molecular decay. When you use substances and store these in clear bottles, there is a high chance it decays. Especially with expensive substances, you don’t want this to happen. Violet glass prevents this and has a special natural filter that filters all the harmful light rays. They will block the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet, ultraviolet and infra-red light. This way you can prevent the products from decaying and make sure they have a longer shelf life. Some companies buy dropper bottles, so they can store cosmetics goods. The dropper bottles are also ideal for medicine and natural oils. There are also multiple studies that point out that the use of a biophotonic bottle actually helps. Even when drinking water from a biophotonic container, you can experience health benefits.

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Sometimes the violet lighting can make sure the substance becomes energized. This makes the product better and more effective when using it. You can see this happening with water, but also with lotions for your body.

Buying cosmetic jars

Are you planning to store cosmetic products in a biophotonic bottle? Look for cosmetic jars wholesale on the internet, and you will find a lot of products. Not every jar is the same, and you will have to look carefully at the information. Especially when you want a big cosmetic jar, it is important to look at the different sizes. Find the right supplier and contact the company, so you will get more information from them. The company will deliver the bottles to your house, so you can use them to store substances.