What Is “Easy Listening” Tunes?

Have you encountered a piece of certain audio on the radio – a little something which is pleasant more than enough to the ears but not far too intrusive to demand your awareness? If that is the form of songs you’ve heard, it may well be categorized as “easy listening.”

What defines “easy listening” songs?

Effortless listening audio is developed to be comforting, comforting, and pleasing to the ears. A sizeable portion of uncomplicated listening music are instrumentals, whilst some easy listening quantities element wordless vocals and even lyrics.

But in contrast to jazz or classical music, which requires the listener’s entire awareness, simple listening new music slips into the background. That is the cause why songs critics dismiss uncomplicated listening new music as predictable and disposable.

Quick listening audio encompasses instrumental recordings of strike songs, pop criteria, people and even rock tracks. It is ordinarily concentrated on melodies and lush, luxurious preparations.

According to Jackie Gleason, a grasp of simple listening tunes, the genre is a “musical wallpaper that must never ever be intrusive, but conducive.” That is true. Perhaps it is the chief advantage of easy listening: the new music is relegated to the qualifications, which can assistance you get via in your every day responsibilities, from performing the research to carrying out the laundry, or hobbies this sort of as reading or knitting.

The term “easy listening” is interchangeable with other genres, these types of as:

  • Orchestral pop
  • Adult modern
  • Lovely audio
  • Center-of-the-highway (MOR)
  • Pop normal
  • Elevator songs
  • Muzak
  • Lounge songs
  • Gentle audio
  • Mood audio
  • Exotica
  • Chamber pop
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However, some of these abovementioned genres bear no extra than a modest and passing resemblance to easy listening. Lounge tunes, for instance, is meant to be appreciated somewhat than as a track record seem. On the other hand, exotica options extra unconventional arrangements. As the title implies, it is the Western approximation of native or indigenous new music, commonly that of the distinct locations these types of as Africa or the Caribbean. Orchestral pop is pop new music with an orchestral arrangement – it’s pop songs with massive, lush seems. In contrast to effortless listening, which commonly has no vocals or functions only wordless vocals, orchestral pop music normally consists of serious songs, with intelligible lyrics.

Easy listening is normally tagged as “with strings.” The origins of quick listening trace back to the 1930s when strings ended up applied in “sweet bands,” whose tunes became the well-known sound throughout Hollywood’s Golden Age. Strings turned far more dominant in the course of the 1940s and the 1950s when jazz and conventional pop new music functions started to incorporate them into their personal materials.

The style savored its most important good results throughout the 1950s through the 1970s. When folks, rock and roll and pop tunes dominated the charts, straightforward listening acts capitalized on them by arranging and recording addresses of the most significant chart hits of the working day to get a new era of listeners. It was not uncommon for straightforward listening instrumental singles to put on Billboard’s Scorching 100, and a lot of of them even topped the charts and became big sellers.

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Excellent illustrations of “easy listening” music:

“Moon River” by Henry Mancini

“Rise” by Herb Alpert


Theme from “A Summer time Place” by Percy Faith

“Midnight Cowboy” Theme by John Barry


“Mas Que Nada” by Sergio Mendes