What Exactly Are Children’s Blue Light Glasses?

Children if not given the right food or miss out on some nourishment may have the problem of weak eyesight. Well, it is quite common and can be dealt with with a good pair of sunglasses as well. But when it comes to taking precautionary actions on time. That is why childrens blue light glasses can be a lifesaver. This type of glasses over the other ones are unique. It serves the purpose of protecting those delicate eyes of the little ones who often are on the screen. It is one of the most amazing inventions that has ever been made and of course, parents are quite happy about using it.

The screen emits blue light which often can affect the eyes of the kids at a younger age. Since kids tend to watch TV the most and play games, the chances for them to get affected with weak eyesight is high. The working of blue light glasses is quite simple. Ut would block certain segments of the wavelengths of light and protect the kids against any kind of digital eye strain that may occur. As the blue light glasses don’t filter the whole blue light, it would at least reduce the exposure of the child against the rays of the blue-violet by at least 80 per cent without any hassle.

Dealing with blue light

This visible light comes with short wavelengths and has good energy as compared to the light from any other color spectrum. Since the sun is the primary source of blue light but there are also other ways from which a kid can get such light such as:

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l Fluorescent lights

l Television screens

l Computers, tablets and smartphones

l LED lights

It may not damage the eyesight of the kid but can weaken it. That is why in order to protect the kids from long term negative effects, children’s blue light glasses can be helpful.

One must understand that if the kid gets exposed too much to the blue light then it can result in retina damage. That is mostly because the blue light can easily reach out the retina of the kids as compared to the adults. Besides, if there is excess exposure to sunlight from a time, it can further trigger the problems of vision in the adult age as well.

Blue light and screen time for kids

Since children’s blue light glasses can be a lifesaver but also there are other ways by which kids can be protected against such blue light. For this, the parents must take them out and engage them in different outdoor activities. Kids who usually spend most of their time in front of the screen are likely to face high eye strain at the digital level. This is also called the computer vision syndrome.

Some of the Signs of digital eye strain in kids are as follows:

l Dry eyes

l Fatigue

l Poor posture

l Changes in vision

l Eye tiredness

l Headaches


There are so many risks associated with blue light. That is why it is important to set a screen time for kids so that they will not be exposed much to the blue light. Failing to take timely action can even disrupt their sleeping cycle and they can turn out to be cranky often.

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