Dabs are the concentrated versions of cannabis buds made by extracting CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids via a solvent such as butane resulting in sticky oil. Depending on their consistency, dabs are commonly known as wax, shatter, butane hash oil, or budder. You need a dab rig to dab cannabis concentrates. The substance is heated on a hot surface, often a bowl or nail, to form the vapor you inhale through the dab rig. But how exactly do you use a dab rig to inhale dabs? Find out more below.

The dab smoking tools you need

There are traditional dab rigs and electronic premium vape kits that provide much convenience. The temperature is difficult to maintain on a traditional dab rig. Hence, an e-rig that features a battery and a temperature sensor allows you to regulate the temperature when heating your concentrate. It enables you to tailor your dabbing experience to what you enjoy most. This is the anatomy of the traditional dab rig:

  • The cannabis concentrate- you need a cannabis concentrate to dab. Dabs come in various types and strains, and you can choose the right one for your needs with the help of your budtender.
  • Dab rig- a dab smoking rig is a unique device curated to smoke dabs. You need a functional dab rig or water pipe to smoke dabs.
  • A nail or bowl is where you place the extract, and it is usually made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium. It is heated with the help of a torch, and due to the constant exposure to high temperatures, it must be made from a heat-resistant material.
  • A dome- is a round glass globe placed around the hail to hold the vapor as you inhale it. It prevents the vapor from escaping from the dab rig as you vaporize the concentrate.
  • A torch- it is one of the essential dab smoking accessories. It heats the nail or bowl and enables the vaporization of the concentrate. Note that without a torch, dabbing would not be possible. The traditional torch heating doesn’t allow you to fine-tune the temperature, which is where an e-rig comes in that provides temperature regulation.
  • The base- it is the bottom of the dab rig, where the vapor goes through and up into the mouthpiece. Some bases incorporate one or more filters based on the design.
  • Mouthpiece- the mouthpiece of a dabbing rig is similar to the one for a bong. The vapor from the heated concentrate passes from the base to the mouthpiece from where you can inhale.
  • Cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol are essential for cleaning your dab rig when you are done smoking for its maintenance.
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On the other hand, an electronic dab rig features the mouthpiece, the base, and the nail but no torch. An electronic dab rig gives you a bigger advantage since you can control the temperature when heating the concentrate, but the functionality is similar to that of a traditional dab rig.

Many dabbers start their first dabbing set up with a nail attachment and a small handheld blow torch. But if you are a beginner, using a torchless dabbing rig may be the convenient option.