Top Red Wine Varieties You Can Find In Australia

If you are a wine lover, you have a high chance of having some Australian red wine bottles in your cellar. Red wine in Australia is known for the wide variety of tastes and flavours that it offers. Unlike Europeans, Aussies love to experiment with their wine tastes. The flavour of wine changes in Australia with the region, and every region has its specialty.

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Red Wine Varieties in Australia

Australia offers some of the best red wine varieties for its connoisseurs. You might be familiar with these varieties if you are a wine lover or wish to visit Australia. You can savour the distinct fruity flavours, ranging from plum and blackberries to cherries, in these exquisite reds of Australia.

Another feature that distinguishes Australian red wines is the perfect merger of tannins and acidity that gives a unique flavour and kick with every sip. Here are the top reds you can’t resist when in the country.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is loved for its versatility as it comes in various flavours to cater to everyone’s taste. It is a very popular choice for many red wine brands in Australia. The grapes used to make Pinot Noir are grown in a cold climate. Most of the productions for Pinot Noir come from Tasmania and Victoria.


Shiraz red wine is one of the most popular red wine varieties in Australia. It has a great demand in the other parts of the world too. The taste and flavour of Shiraz wine changes depending on the state where it is produced. Shiraz wine usually has a higher alcohol content.

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Shiraz grown in The Hunter Valley region can be distinguished by the taste of black pepper, leather, and blackcurrants. When you go to the other areas like the Northeast of Victoria, you will find a very balanced flavour. You can decide which region to choose depending on your taste.


Malbec is a popular red wine variety in Australia and Argentina. The taste came from France, and it has become a trendy option in Southern Australia. You will find Australian Malbec offering more of a balanced taste compared to Malbec in Argentina.


Australians are always proud of their red wine blends as it was one of the highest-selling red wines in Australia for a long period. It started losing popularity with a rise in the demand for single variety red wines.

But things have changed a lot, and it is again gaining popularity in Australia and other parts of the world. Australia loves experimenting with its wine flavours to create the best flavours out of them. They do not restrict themselves to a single rule when it comes to wine production in Europe.

Red wine blends are all about experimenting. Winemakers blend grapes of different red wine varieties to make the perfect red wine flavour for you. It gives them the freedom to experiment with the flavour, and they can come up with new wine blends to cater to a very diverse segment of wine lovers.

Popular Australian Red Wine Blends

Shiraz is one of the best red wine blends in Australia. Popular winemaker brands are using the combination of Shiraz Grenache for red wine blends. It is a classic example of Australian red wine blends and is loved by wine lovers in the country and the global market.

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Wine producers in Australia also use white Voignier in a small amount with Shiraz variety to make a famous red wine. The combination has become very popular in recent years. It is a popular red wine blend in the Canberra district wine region.