The top 3 kratom strains that you should invest in

The modern world comes with its very own set of new-age issues. Nearly all of us accept that there are various battles that people are facing every day. That means that it is no disgrace in admitting that, once in a while, you may want a helping hand. A helping hand is precisely what the kratom can turn out to be for you!

But, kratom is available in various strains, and choosing one becomes a daunting task. We have made a list of the top 3 kratom strains that we think are the best and worth your time and money.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that is native to southeastern Asia. It comes from Mitragyna speciosa. However, many call it the kratom tree. People originally from parts of Southeast Asia have long used kratom as traditional herbal medicine. Traditionally, people used to chew on the kratom leaves in order to ingest them easily. Nowadays, it’s less common for users to chew the kratom leaves directly. It is found more commonly in powders, capsules, tinctures, and tablets.

Kratom is a multipurpose herb that can serve consumers in many ways. For instance, when consumed in smaller quantities, kratom works as a stimulant enabling the user to feel more energized and aware. On the other hand, when you use it in larger doses, it works as a sedative. You feel calm and relaxed to an extent. This effect relaxes your mind and helps you take a few moments for yourself. Let us now see a few different kratom strains and what they do.

The top 3 kratom strains

Kratom is classified broadly into strains based on its color. You might have heard of white or red strain kratom without knowing what they mean. But that ends here. We have classified kratom based on its leaf color and the best strains among them. This guide can work as a chart that helps you decide which kratom strain would be the best for you on any given day based on your mood.

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The first category on a kratom-classification list is the white kratom strain. It is distinct because of its vein color and is famous for its effects. White vein kratom, as discussed earlier, is the closest to a stimulant on the stimulant-sedative scale. When looking for something to boost your mornings and make you feel energized, this is the one. Now, if you are looking for the most functional white vein kratom, you may want to check out the White Borneo Kratom.

White Borneo kratom is arguably the most well-balanced white vein kratom strain. The best thing about it is that though it is a white vein kratom known for its stimulant effects, it also has a fair bit of sedating qualities. If you are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for a natural solution, white Borneo kratom might be what you need. The unique selling point of this strain is that it makes you feel relaxed, without feeling tired. On the contrary, you also feel energized. Hence, white Borneo kratom provides you with a win-win situation with the best of both worlds. Some other options worth considering are the white Thai/Indo and white Maeng Da kratom strains.


When it comes to a proper balance, this is your guy. The green vein kratom is the middle ground between the white and red veins. It balances stimulating and sedating properties like a boss, and you come out as the ultimate beneficiary. If you are looking for a euphoric feeling without being too overstimulated or sluggish, go green! As an added benefit, green vein kratom is also known to provide pain relief. Among the numerous popular and effective green kratom strains, the green Maeng Da Kratom is the most prominent.

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Green Maeng Da kratom is an expert when it comes to versatility. Maeng Da is arguable the most popular kratom strain and is available in all three colors. But, the green Maeng Da strain stands out because of its characteristic brilliance. For starters, it is an absolute no-brainer choice for beginners. It is the most beginner-friendly option among all the strains. It may help you feel calm and composed, help you focus, get rid of pain, relax your muscles, fight anxiety, help you sleep, and the list goes on. Other options include the green Ketagang and green Malay kratom strains.


Coming in at last but coming in with a powerful punch is the red vein kratom. Among all the three kratom strains, the red vein is the most powerful. It comes from mature kratom plants. There are high levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine in this strain, boosting its ability to affect pain receptors. Kratom doesn’t get more powerful when it comes to sedative qualities than the red kratom strain. It is usually used later in the day to free the user from stress and relax. The red vein kratom is the right choice for people with a hectic lifestyle. And among them, the Red Bali Kratom strain is the highest-rated.

Red Bali kratom’s distinct color and alluring aroma pull your attention and scream to you that it is the one you’ve been waiting for! Due to its many medicinal and recreational properties, it is a customer favorite in the eastern and western parts of the globe. It is widely available and has several benefits. It provides unparalleled relaxation and mood upliftment. If you have to choose one strain of kratom at the end of a tiresome day, red Bali kratom is the one. Other popular choices are the red Maeng Da and red Borneo strains.

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Kratom has absolutely skyrocketed when it comes to popularity in recent times. Thousands of consumers around the world have praised its qualities. Sadly, with this rise in popularity, it also became the center of attention and a controversial topic. It would take many more new types of research and studies to understand kratom to its full extent. For now, kratom stays an infamous herb that many support, keeping the deciding factor different for every individual. Hence, before buying kratom, make sure you have your fair share of insight and knowledge about the substance for maximum positives. Check the laws and regulations in your state, and consult a medical health professional for maximum security.