The Background of Mythos Beer

Mythos beer is a light-weight straw-coloured lager beer that is sold in each 330ml and 500ml bottles and cans. It is a Greek beer manufacturer by Mythos Brewery, which is made in 1997. It is made by Olympic Brewery considering the fact that 2015, which is a subsidiary of Carlsberg Group. There are numerous breweries found in Greece mainly because beer is a well-liked beverage option for persons in places to eat, tavernas, and bars. Amongst the many beers available in Greece, Mythos beer is a single of the most well-known.

If you like drinking Mythos beer and want to learn additional about it, you’re in the suitable place. Today, we are heading to tell you all about the record of Mythos beer.


two bottles of Mythos beer

Mythos Brewery is the next-biggest brewery in Greece. It was set up underneath the title Henninger Hellas S.A. in 1970, and has been aspect of the Boutari Team considering that 1992. In 1994, it was renamed Northern Greece Brewery Ltd., as a aspect of system to flip it into a genuine domestic Greek beer corporation. In 1997, this target was accomplished by introducing Mythos beer.

When Mythos beer was introduced in 1997, it swiftly enthused the audience, making it the 3rd beer model in the Greek market. The recipe of Mythos beer merged the knowledge of the Greek Master Brewer of Mythos Brewery and their collaborations with key European beer colleges. This is the time when the good results of Mythos beer commenced.

In 2001, the brewery renamed alone as the Mythos Brewery S.A., when Mythos beer turned its principal item. Mythos Brewery acquired their initial key difference at the beginning of 00s, a Gold Award in the 2001 Interbeeer International Beer and Whiskey Levels of competition.

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In 2004, Scottish and Newcastle grew to become key shareholders in Mythos Brewery. And because 2008, Mythos Brewery has been a subsidiary of Carlsberg Group. From 2001 to 2008, Mythos Brewery has been boosting its product sales in Greece. This led them to exporting Mythos beer to more than 30 countries in the planet.

In 2011, a different Exceptional Style Award was accomplished by Mythos Brewery following a blind tasting session. From 2011 to 2012, Mythos Brewery ongoing introducing new technologies to continue to keep their beer new for much more extended durations. This involves the DraughtMaster™ Flex 20 and DraughtMaster™ Modular 20 technologies, which allow people to delight in their Mythos beer a lot more.

The Mythos Radler was launched in 2014 by Mythos Brewery. It is a refreshing mixture of beer and fresh new lemon juice. With this innovation, the brewery received the High quality Taste Award. In 2015, Carlsberg Group reformed Olympic Brewery following Mythos and Olympic Brewery Merged. This signifies that due to the fact 2015, Olympic Brewery generates Mythos beer.

In 2016, Mythos beer acquired a new fashionable label and its legendary simple-open cap. In 2018, the new great cap for their beers was introduced, and the graphic of Mythos Radler was also modified.

Today, Mythos Brewery proceeds its popularity by producing and distributing German pilsner Kaiser, the German lager Henninger, and the Greek lager Golden. Apart from those people, it also imports and distributes other brand names, like Australia’s Foster’s, the Danish Carlsberg, and the Irish Guinness and Kilkenny.

Mythos Brewery creates lagers and pilsners and some of which involve, Mythos Hellenic Lager Beer, Mythos Crimson, Mythos Max 8% Hellenic Lager Beer, Mythos Radler, and far more. The key generation plant of Mythos Brewery is found in Thessaloniki, Greece. It also exports to various nations around the world, these types of as the United States, Australia, Israel, Canada, Panama, and several European nations around the world.

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Flavor Description of Distinctive Mythos beer Kinds

As stated higher than, Mythos Brewery creates distinct types of beer. To know extra about them, here are the flavor description of every single range.

  • Mythos beer

    Mythos beer is a pale lager that is pale golden or yellow with a slight haze. It has a floral and organic aroma with a touch of bred. Mythos beer preferences of hops with a delicate citrus flavor. On the palate, Mythos beer is sleek.

  • Aegean Lager

    Aegean lager beer is very clear yellow in color. It has a sweet aroma and as effectively as barley and malts. This beer is also sweet tasting along with the taste of barley and malts. It is a light-bodied and sleek lager.

  • Spartan

    Spartan is an amber-coloured pilsner that has a clear and mildly bitter flavor. It is a pale malt with hints of citrus flavors.

  • Mythos Crimson

    Mythos Crimson is an amber-orange colored beer. It has a sweet and malty style that has a hint of caramel. This beer also has slight bitterness in flavor, but its aroma is malty with fruity notes.

a glass of Mythos beer

Far more Facts About Mythos Brewery and Mythos beer

In this article are more specifics about Mythos Brewery and the beer their produce:

  • The Boutari Group, in which Mythos Brewery has been a component considering that 1992, is the second-premier producer of beer in Greece.
  • The production and bottling plant of Mythos Brewery, which is situated in Thessaloniki, Greece, has the capability to bottle 11,000,000 crates every year.
  • You can discover Mythos beers in Greek supermarkets and as nicely as in bars and dining establishments.
  • Mythos pale lager has gained bronze award in the Greek Beer Awards.
  • Mythos also makes Kaiser beer, which sounds German, and is designed with German benchmarks, but it is, in truth, a Greek beer.
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Mythos Brewery has manufactured some of the most-beloved beers in Greece, and carries on to export them in quite a few locations all-around the entire world. We hope the data we shared helped you know a lot more about the heritage of Mythos beer.