The Background of Basketball in Africa

Basketball is one particular of the most well-known sports activities played widely in Africa. It is the 2nd most well known activity in the continent, subsequent only to football. It is most commonplace in nations like Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Ivory Coastline, Senegal, etc.

Figures these types of as Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo have played an instrumental position in creating and popularizing basketball in the continent. Africa has created some of the greatest basketball gamers to date and has paved the way for other countries to take part internationally in the sport.

The wealthy history of basketball in Africa is loaded with terrific gamers and corporations striving to take this activity to an additional level. FIBA Africa is one of the leading companies in the development and professionalization of basketball. 

Introduction of Basketball in Africa

Introduction of Basketball in Africa

After its introduction to Africa all through the 1960s, basketball has absent on to become one particular of the most preferred sports activities in the continent. Though football even now remains the most well known activity in Africa, basketball is nonetheless played greatly there. 

The rationale powering basketball not getting as well-liked as other workforce athletics these types of as football is since it was not a broadly performed sport in the colonial powers that ruled over Africa. The colonial powers such as Britain, Portugal, and France released and promoted sporting activities these types of as soccer and cricket in Africa. 

Basketball was released to Africa by colonial administrations and missionaries. It began to grow to be considerably additional common on the eve of the independence of African international locations. Sporting activities this kind of as basketball served the function of equalizing opportunities, especially for individuals who do not have numerous opportunities accessible to them. 

These athletics have inspired and empowered several athletes from all over the environment to perform in skilled leagues. Basketball has permitted athletes from Africa and sites all-around the environment to make a name for them selves and their nations by becoming towering figures in the historical past of athletics. 

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The Development of FIBA Africa


With the increase in the popularity of basketball, several federations and businesses emerged searching for to market the activity and deliver it to the spotlight. This necessitated continental competitions and unified guidelines for the activity. A federation was needed less than whose administration basketball could flourish in the continent.

The 1st African National Federations’ managers required to contend and participate in FIBA. FIBA is the governing physique of basketball all over the globe. 

On 30 and 31 August 1960, during the sixth FIBA’s congress, the Egyptian Basketball Federation was allowed to generate an establishment to rule African basketball. This led to the development of the Affiliation des Fédérations Africaines de Basketball (AFABA). This, in convert, resulted in twelve nations around the world from the continent of Africa integrating and be part of FIBA. AFABA went on to come to be FIBA Africa in 2002.

Much more Nations Be part of FIBA Africa


At the time of its creation, FIBA Africa only consisted of 12 countries: Ethiopia, Egypt, Mali, Morocco, Libya, Guinea Conakry, Sudan, Burkina Faso, Ghana, North Rhodesia, Sierra Leone, and Togo. But in the subsequent many years, FIBA Africa grew.

Now FIBA Africa has 54 active groups, with each nation in Africa getting a specified staff. These teams often take part in competitions. They also acquire aspect in meetings and pursuits to boost basketball.

Main Competitions Ran by FIBA Africa

Major Competitions Ran by FIBA Africa

FIBA Africa runs a major competitiveness known as AfroBasket. This competitiveness is for countrywide groups and is performed once each and every 4 yrs. The tournament was held as soon as each two many years by way of the 2015 edition, and it acted as the qualifying event for the Summertime Olympic Video games and FIBA Environment Cup. 

These tournaments no for a longer period act as qualifying tournaments for the Summer months Olympic Games and FIBA Earth Cup given that 2017. The premier event ran by FIBA Africa is the Basketball African League (BAL). BAL is composed of 12 teams, with every staff currently being capable as a result of its domestic levels of competition. 

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BAL has grow to be the top rated-tier league of the continent immediately after it replaced Africa Basketball League. Athletes from Africa also get part in the Summer season Olympics and the FIBA Globe Cup.

The Part of FIBA Africa in the Struggle against AIDS

FIBA Africa has performed an vital component in the battle towards banes these kinds of as AIDS and HIV. Campaigns these kinds of as “Protect the Basket” throughout the AfroBasket 2013 have been highly successful. Whilst these dangerous diseases are wreaking havoc in some parts of the globe, corporations this sort of as FIBA Africa increase recognition and enable protect against these illnesses.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon is viewed as to be one particular of the greatest African-born basketball gamers. Olajuwon was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on 21 January 1963. He was nicknamed “the Dream” and is a extremely skilled basketball participant. He emigrated from Nigeria so that he could perform basketball below Mentor Person Lewis at the College of Houston. 

He has played in the NBA with each Toronto Raptors and Huston Rockets, profitable two championships with Huston Rockets. He was also voted to be the most valuable player of two NBA finals. In 1984, Hakeem was the first player from Africa to be drafted. Hakeem staying drafted paved the way for other African players to also get drafted. A noteworthy case in point would be Manute Bol, who was drafted a year following Hakeem.

Hakeem then received his to start with NBA MVP award in 1994. This was a supply of pride for African basketball gamers. Hakeem is a FIBA Hall of Fame player as perfectly as a Basketball Corridor of Fame player. Currently he is a single of the very well-acknowledged and popular basketball players in Africa and is a source of inspiration for other gamers who keep the ambition to be the future Hakeem.

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His accomplishments in basketball would consider an report of their very own to describe. The success and achievements of Hakeem have not only paved the way for other African players to be a part of the earth stage but also encouraged athletes from around the earth. He has opened the gates for worldwide players to contend in the NBA.

The Constant Development of Basketball in Africa


Basketball is expanding quickly in Africa. It may just take some more time till it gains as much acceptance as football. In African schools, basketball clubs are getting formed, which will beginning the up coming generations of terrific basketball players. 

In the upcoming, a lot more athletes are probable to rise to fame from Africa and be a supply of inspiration for the next generations. Businesses these types of as FIBA Africa are consistently establishing and rising basketball, and these endeavours are making basketball a lot more widespread and popular. For the reason that of the accomplishments of players these kinds of as Hakeem, the eyes of the entire world are also turned toward Africa to witness new excellent gamers on their way to success.


Basketball is a well-liked activity with hundreds of thousands of fans globally. It is played close to the world and serves the purpose of bringing us with each other and nearer. Nationalities and identities do not make a difference substantially when individuals appear together in anticipation of a superior match. Africa has revealed how nations around the world can unite and create terrific gamers for the globe to see. 

It is a activity that provides men and women collectively inspite of their differences. It also exhibits how achievement awaits people who function tough for it by giving us the instance of gamers this kind of as Hakeem. Africa has produced fantastic strides in growing and nourishing basketball as a activity, and today it is a continent that holds some of the most iconic names in the history of basketball.