Mississippi Travel Bucket List

A great way to get a full taste of the southern charm is by taking a trip to Mississippi. This is a state that promises a unique experience to every tourist, and for a good reason. There are many things to enjoy on your family vacation to Mississippi, from their fabulous museum to their delicious foods and unique outdoor attractions. We can guarantee that with all these fun things, you’re not likely to get bored, even if you don’t plan on staying for long.

With the many options available to you in Mississippi, we’ve put together a bucket list for you that’s specific to this beautiful state. Tie your kayak to the car, pack your bags (Don’t forget your favorite bikini underwear! The last thing you want to do while exploring Mississippi is stop to find a clothing store). Whether you’re exploring new artifacts or taking the nature trail to view the ocean springs, this list will help you plan the best vacation ever.

1. Mississippi River


One of the fun things you can do as part of your Mississippi vacation is to drive along the Mississippi Great River Road. This road offers one of the best scenic drives in the entire country, with beautiful attractions unique to the historic city. The route follows the winding Mississippi River and runs through the length of the United States.

2. Clark Creek Nature Area

Grab your go-to bikini and enjoy one of the Magnolia State’s most beautiful outdoor treasures of all time. Forget waterslides and water parks. This is the real deal. The Clark Creek Nature Area features approximately 50 waterfalls, covering more than 700 acres of land. These waterfalls range in size, from 10′ to more than 30′ in height.

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3. Cruisin the Coast

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi becomes home to more than 7,000 classic and hot rod cars every year. Along with these classic cars, Cruisin the Coast festival gives attendees and onlookers great live music, which moves in sync with the ocean breeze of the river. So if you’re the kind who loves a great window view, this is the festival for you.

4. Gulf Islands National Seashore


The famous Gulf Islands National Seashore is a fantastic beauty everyone needs to see for themselves. It’s characterized by gorgeous white beaches, beautiful historical landscapes, and emerald waters. The Mississippi gulf coast is home to several exhibits that give you a clear image of the story behind the Magnolia State and all the incredible work that has gone into its development.

5. Natchez Trace National Trail and Parkway.

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a trail formerly used by traders, settlers, soldiers, and other individuals as a primary travel route. To help create a unique experience in today’s world, visitors are allowed to drive alongside the trail, or as per request, hike some portions of the parkway as a means of putting themselves into the shoes of travelers of long ago. Before you embark on a hike up the trail, we advise that you build walking resistance by going through consistent practice of walking long distances.

6. Corinth Civil War Center

If you’re an avid lover of history and the stories that make up places, you should visit the Corinth Civil War Center. Located at the Shiloh Military Park, this is an excellent museum with exhibits that tell you a detailed story of the city of Corinth during the civil war. Presentations are done through video, detailed bronze work, and other highly interpretive exhibits only the Magnolia state can offer.

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7. Mississippi State Capitol


In the historic city of Mississippi stands a gorgeous building known as the Mississippi state capitol. Known for its stunning Beaux-Arts style construction and a 180-foot high dome, this building houses several legislative sessions that, if you’re lucky, you can get to witness. If you come at the right time, you’ll have the opportunity of watching state representatives and senators take their stand on several state issues. It’s an exciting thing to watch and one of the eBay ways to spend your time.