Maid of Honor Duties: Tips for Hosting a Bridal Shower at Your Home

As maid of honor, one of your most important duties is planning and hosting your loved one’s bridal shower. Unlike the bachelorette party, for instance, the shower will bring all her closest friends and family members as well as her soon-to-be in-laws. So naturally, you want to impress these guests just as much as you want your friend to have a great time. Despite the pressure, though, planning a bridal shower doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, you can break down the process into just four main tasks.

Get your non-planning to-dos done.


While you’re planning and hosting the bridal shower you’re also, to some degree, a guest. This means that, like less involved attendees, you’ll want to find the perfect bridal shower gift. Browse her registry for inspiration and make a list of potential bridal shower gifts she’s sure to love. Once you’ve found the best bridal shower gift for your soon-to-be bride, you can focus on making the bridal shower itself a party to remember. You might find the perfect wedding gift in the process, saving you from more work when the wedding day comes closer.

Prepare your home.


If you’ll be hosting the bridal shower in your home, it’s vital that you get the space ready before the big day, just like you would any venue. The last thing you want is to ask yourself, “What’s the strange smell coming from my air conditioner?” just moments before the guests arrive. Those guests will have a hard time celebrating the bride if they’re struggling to ignore the odor of mold and mildew or a bad smell like rotten eggs. Instead, schedule any necessary repairs or maintenance well in advance, leaving plenty of time to fix any arising crises.

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Create the guest list.


The bridal shower might not have as extensive a guest list as the wedding itself, but it’s nevertheless essential that you invite the most important people in your friend’s life. To some degree, bridal shower etiquette will determine who’ll get an invite. However, it’s just as critical that you consult the bride and ensure the people she wants there are invited—and those she doesn’t are not. Perhaps she doesn’t get along with a particular aunt, for instance. That aunt might not be welcome at the shower, even if she is a family member.

Know the bride.


The guest list isn’t the only part of the bridal shower where talking to the guest of honor will make the shower all the more impactful. For example, the bride might be a subdued person who isn’t fond of being the center of attention. Guest of honor or not, she likely won’t enjoy a ton of interactive party games that draw all eyes to her even more constantly than they already will be. As maid of honor, you presumably know your friend well. Use that knowledge to your advantage! Plan each detail of the bridal shower with her preferences in mind. From the entertainment (or lack thereof) to the food you serve, what’s most important is that the bride is happy with her shower and all that comes with it.

With the right guests, gift list, and groom, a bride can have a wedding she’ll enjoy. The same concept is true of the shower. Choose the best bridal shower gift, invite her favorite people, and make sure you’re able to focus your energy first and foremost on the planning process. This event might not be the more memorable special day, but it’s nevertheless an important one. With the proper preparations on your part, your friend will most definitely be feeling the love well before she says “I do.”

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