Liquid Avatar Technologies Becomes Your Passport to a Safer Digital Identity Anywhere in the World

With this era of digitization comes a new and innovative option to manage our emerging digital identity. While social media platforms have enabled us to create a “digital presence,” often with just a username and password that helps us connect with friends, relatives, and business associates digitally, the data stored on these platforms cannot be considered secure.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, the need for verifiable health credentials has emerged. There is a movement to provide proof of vaccination or test records backed by digital identity in order to be free to travel to certain areas of the world or enter establishments or venues. The need for a secure digital identity application that could be managed biometrically (such as with facial, or other recognition) was felt long before the pandemic began, hence the dawn of the Liquid Avatar Mobile App. This excellently crafted application facilitates the creation of an authentic and secure digital identity practically anywhere in the world.

Behind the App, the Liquid Avatar Verifiable Credentials Ecosystem (LAVCE) offers even more robust features through their participating partners. Far more secure and reliable than paper-based credentials, contact tracing forms, and traditional apps, the LAVCE platform supports verifiable credentials that can effectively reduce or eliminate fraud as verifications are managed by a cryptographic blockchain-based ecosystem.

Once a person has their verifiable vaccine or test result as a verifiable credential inside the app, they can choose to share it with a business to be granted verified access to services and facilities. A person who uses a COVID-19 vaccine credential in this way has complete control over who can verify the credential, and the technology ensures that their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) cannot be accessed or tracked without their consent. LAVCE provides users with complete oversight and management over their digital identity and verifiable credentials.

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Keep Your Records Safe and Handy the New Way

For individuals, the Liquid Avatar Mobile App gives you the opportunity to create a digital version or icon of yourself for your account, absolutely cost-free. Once you have created and verified your identity you can store all types of verifiable credentials within the application. It gives you the option to create a digital wallet to store credentials that are only accessible by you, giving you control to keep your data safe and secure. You can choose to share what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. You are in control to set permissions and manage your credentials and records in a way you feel comfortable.

Your records are arranged systematically so that you can use them easily whenever required. This can decrease the need to carry hard copies of your documents wherever you go. It is especially helpful during these times when you need to present credentials for COVID-19 vaccination records, antibody tests, and other diagnostics. So, you can present them whenever and wherever required, digitally. As more providers use verifiable credentials and digital solutions, other immunization records, workplace identity, student identification, and other credentials can also be managed safely, by you, on this platform.

In the future, even usernames and passwords can be issued as verifiable credentials, which comes in handy if you are prone to forgetting them.

Digital Identification You Can Trust

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App is a verified platform that allows an individual or entity to create a single account that is managed and controlled by you using your personal biometrics. This prevents the creation of multiple or fake accounts and potentially minimizes the possibility of fraudulent activities. What you see is what you get. The users here are authentic, and you can trust the digital identities on this platform to be real. You can be sure that you are interacting and dealing with genuine people and not bots.

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The company has certainly done a commendable job launching this unique application. The platform has received good response so far and is expected to grow in popularity over time because of its robust capabilities. The best part is that PII is kept secure and cannot be accessed by anyone without the user’s permission.