How Technology Impacts Political Campaigns

Technology seems to be having a major impact on businesses all over the world; however, it doesn’t stop there. In the past decade, we have seen how much technology can have a huge impact on how politicians release data to the public, how the public consumes that data and also how technology influences political campaigns. This post will look into more detail about how technology is impacting political campaigns and how people are consuming political information in light of this.

The Way Campaigns Are Run

The shift to utilizing modern media on the campaign trail has been creeping its way across politics more and more and that can be seen in the way campaigns are run. This has been embraced even more after 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, given that during the most recent election, the ability to go out and rally was either not possible or met with controversy.

We have seen SMS marketing get used more and more and this has been leading to larger donations and more potential votes and is impacting the way that constituents vote. To have more chance over winning an election SMS and emails are a really good way to reach out to more and more people. Politicians who use a clear and compelling message and a very easy call to action make it incredibly simple to generate interest in campaigns and raise more funds.

Commentary on Campaigns

Of course, even though technology has its benefits, there are also a lot of potential problems that come with tech, such as online threats and an individual’s overall right to privacy. As such, there is a lot of commentary around campaigns that discusses these problems, and people have polarized opinions on technology, which politicians are expected to discuss.

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A lot of campaigns (again, especially since 2020 and the increased reliance on technology to work and socialize) have seen a big push by people all over the country for high-speed internet access. Having such access can alleviate a lot of social problems and so candidates are being vocal about having such access and how they can bring it to the more deprived or isolated regions.

How Information Is Consumed

In this day and age, the majority of the world checks their smartphones regularly every day and in doing this, they get to see not only what their friends from school are getting up to, but are also able to consume information. As such, this development enhances a politician’s need to have an online presence so that people are aware of them as a candidate and of their values. Not only that, but people are now also able to engage in debates online about political ideologies and what is being presented as policy ideas.


In the current age of proliferating technology, we, as consumers, rely more on tech for information than anything else – the impact of this development on politics is profound. Politicians now use technology to promote their campaigns and their ideas.