How Beauty Influencers Started a New Revolution

The popularity of social media in recent times, along with the recent boom in global e-commerce catalyzed by the pandemic, may have completely changed the way companies work. Influencer marketing that was once looked down upon is now a global phenomenon with some of the biggest names in almost every industry setting aside big bucks for it.

But what happened in the last few years to turn a form of marketing that wasn’t taken seriously once into such a big deal? Well, that credit belongs to the sway influencers have over their huge followings. Beauty influencers in particular are trusted by their followers to give honest feedback over beauty trends and share insight on the latest beauty products.

Because most people are shopping online and can’t test products themselves before buying, their trusted and often unbiased opinion is now more important than ever. Keep reading to find out more about how beauty influencers started a revolution.

By Representing the Masses

Some of the most trusted beauty influencers have been leading the space not only when it comes to makeup trends, but also representation, body positivity, demanding more diversity in makeup and beauty spaces, and much more. Advocating for the masses like this and educating them on how curated and planned social media content is.

Examples include Danae Mercer (@danaemercer) talking about how you can add makeup to a photo, while at the same time talking about how there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, but with the context in which these tools are used, and Marium Jeelani (@mariumjeelani) bringing up issues like south asian and hijabi representation in the hair and beauty industry.

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In doing so, not only are they a voice that beauty brands can use to get their message out to their target audience, but also a way for people to tell these brands what they want and expect from the brands they wish to consume.

Building Trust With Their Audience

Beauty influencers are known for speaking their mind and telling it how it is. A great example of this would be Allesandro (@mualesandro) whose content usually revolves around reviewing different beauty trends, telling his audience what works and what doesn’t, and cheap alternatives to expensive makeup brands that work just as well instead of the usually makeup tutorials and video content you might expect from a makeup influencer.

This is how the audience grows to trust what influencers are saying, and this trust is what makes influencers so important. If they recommend something, people take their advice to be unbiased and honest.

Search engine watch suggests that social media now influences 71% of all consumer buying decisions, and influencers are all at the forefront of these trends.

The Popularity of Online Shopping

Since last 2019 and early 2020, most people all over the world have faced multiple lockdowns and other pandemic related problems. This has meant that people were stuck at home, with their school and work lives reduced to an online presence.

This has also meant that people have started shopping online more than they have ever before, not just because of government regulations but also out of concern for their own health and safety. This includes all kinds of things like groceries, clothes, and of course, makeup and beauty products.

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The Future of Marketing

No other generation is as “into” social media as Gen Z is, which means it’s nearly impossible to get to them through traditional marketing methods like TV ads and print media. Over 44% of this demographic makes purchase decisions based on social media trends, and is the most active on social media.

They’ve proven that social media is a tool to be taken seriously, whether it’s to start social justice movements and campaigns, or for brands to use to get to their audience.

All these factors coupled with the popularity of targeted ads and developments in AI for business have made social media marketing in general – not just Influencer marketing – one of the most successful ways for businesses to get noticed and sell their products.