Five Smart Ways to Prepare for Stay-Over Holiday Guests

The holiday season is the most enjoyable period since some extended time is spent with family and friends. You can invite them to your house, and some may show up on short notice. Accommodating guests in a small apartment can be extra challenging and you will need to have a positive attitude.

Since fun and excitement are part of the season, you have to make them enjoy and feel comfortable in their stay. Below are five innovative ways to get your home ready for sleep-over holiday guests with ease.

Tidy Up Your Home

Hosting guests in your home for a few nights will need a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Pay more attention to areas like the guest bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen. Add some decoration in the guest room depending on the season to make them feel invited.

Air out the house, especially the guest room. Open the windows and French doors during the day to allow natural light into the room. It enables the polluted air in the room to get out and creates some freshness. Put curtains or blinds which will block sunlight and glow from street lamps. Gather all the scattered clothes and shoes and wipe out all the surfaces to make room for your guests’ belongings in the room cabinet.

Create Comfy Beds

Ensure the guest beds are comfortable regardless of the type of bed. Spread out the beds with breathable bed sheets. Add cozy touches. Consider choosing a color that matches the design of the guest room to maintain its appearance. Divide the guest room area with a folding screen to enable privacy as their changing area.

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Provide your guests with phone chargers and fans in their rooms to make their nights more comfortable. Add a light next to their bed since your guests are new to the environment. It will allow them to access light easily during the night to move around safely.

Stock the Kitchen

Stock up your refrigerator with enough snacks and drinks for your guests. Buy more foods and beverages and make your guests feel free to access them when in need. Ensure you have what you need for a quick breakfast. Make sure water and glasses are readily available to your guests. Have a meal plan and ensure the food is enough for your guests.

Consider their diet and provide it to them. Ask if any of your guests have allergies or require any special diet before serving them food. It would be best to always serve your guests a cup of tea or coffee before starting the day. In a fun and exciting way, teach your guests a cultural way of cooking foods.

Arrange the Living and Dining Room

Get the place cleaned out since the guests will be resting in the living room and taking their meals in the dining room. Set magazines, books, and other entertainments in place for your guests. Allow them to access a Wi-Fi password if available to browse and stay connected.

Place some extra throw pillows in the living room for the guests to use in laying. Getting all these needs will make them feel cozy in the house and increase the fun.

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Get a Bathroom Ready

Make the bathroom convenient and welcoming for the guests. Clean their bathroom by clearing off spaces and providing some clean towels for them. Find a small space to store extra toiletries like toothpaste, toilet papers, lotion, mouth wash, shampoo, condition, soap, and hairspray. And you can also put some shower curtains in the bathroom.

Plug in a bulb in the bathroom to help them access it at night. You can also provide them with a wastebasket for storing waste products and keeping the house clean.

Use a proper formula to communicate public measures of the current pandemic to your guests and make sure they follow them. Create a better ventilation system to increase ventilation.

Make sure hand sanitizers are available for guests to use regularly. Show the guests a place to wash their hands with clean water and soap. Following these government guidelines, your guests can avoid the spread of the virus. During the holidays with your guests, you will have fun being together and sharing the joy of the season.