Best Easter Activities for The Kids This Year

The Easter holiday is already here, and it’s one of the kids’ favorite. Although Easter doesn’t scream “fun time” like Christmas and many other holidays, it’s an excellent time to explore its meaning through costumes. Luckily, there are various outfits that you can acquire for your loved ones. That’s not all, though! You can spruce the holiday with fun kids’ events and make this Easter different.

Here are fun kids’ activities to try out this Easter:

1. Costume matching contests

There is a wide variety of Easter costumes in the market, and I presume your kids have the best. Well, you can use the outfits to play fun games. Acquire all sorts of Easter bunny costumes and accessories ranging from;

  • Dresses
  • Corsets
  • Staffs
  • Rabbit ears
  • Orange carrots
  • Inflatable bunny rabbits
  • Cloaks suits and more.

Have the kids dress uniquely with the outfits complementing each other. The person who achieves the most stunning Easter look wins.

2. Make Easter bunny crafts.

Easter bunnies are adorable and an excellent way to celebrate the Easter holidays. There are various bunny crafts that you can make at home. For instance, you can have the kids make beautiful Easter hats to competent their Easter outfits. What about the budget? There’s no need to fret! You can use easy-to-find items in your home, like glue, papers and twine. The peon who makes the most beautiful bunny hat wins.

3. Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo is an enjoyable activity that appeals to kids of all ages. Kids can design Bingo cards with Easter wordings like baskets, eggs, yellow, bunny, chocolate and more. To achieve this, create a card with similar pictures to the bingo card. Cut them from the call card and put them in a hat. Moreover, decide which pattern wins and start the game.

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4. Coloring eggs

To participate in this activity, all kids should acquire Easter costumes and accessories in their favorite colors and have them on before commencing the activity. Still, you need white eggs, crayons and a cheese grater. Boil all the eggs and drain the water. Put them into a box and color the hot eggs using crayons with similar colors to those in your outfit. You can also grate the crayons and sprinkle them on the hot eggs. The crayon’s wax melts to form whips of beautiful colors, and the first person to finish coloring wins.

5. Hunting for an Easter basket

Cut colored papers into strips and write different clues that led to the location of the Easter basket. Make as many clues and possible, and put them in a plastic egg. Have the kids move all over the house, searching for the basket and reveal the ester basket with the last clue. The person who finds the basket wins. They also get cute Easter accessories like masks, food costumes and hats as gifts.

6. Water balloon “Egg” toss

Divide the kids into two groups and have each team toss water balloons back and forth. If someone pops an egg, the team loses and stays soggy. The remaining group then splits into two and starts the game all over again.


Easter is more fun when you incorporate multiple activities to match the needs of all kids. Be creative and think of many other games that your kids will enjoy. Also, acquire the unique Easter outfits for your family members to make this year’s Easter holiday special.

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