A better Holiday at a Muay Thai Camp and Boxing in Thailand 

The definitions/preferences of an ideal holiday are changing; no one should be “sitting around” boringly and lazily when there are loads of fun you can have out there. Now when I mean fun, I am talking about activities like bungee jumping, water-surfing (I had so much fun with this), mountain climbing, or practicing Thai boxing. Among all these, if you are really into true fun (talking both the health and fun in), Muay Thai boxing is a favorite, and it continues to attract lots of tourists to Thailand.

About Thai Boxing

The Muay Thai boxing sport is an ancient form of combat style in Thailand, which utilizes the strength of the “8 limbs”, the ability to make quick and intelligent decisions to immobilize your opponents. Now, people just learn Muay Thai for the fun and its therapeutic effects on the learner.

The weekend filled with fun…

Most Muay Thai camps fill up quickly on weekends more than any other days, why? People want to spend the weekends relaxing instead of performing monotonous tasks. Let me show you what a weekend with Muay Thai looks like in Thailand (spoiler alert: it reeks of fun).

  • Skills in Muay Thai boxing are most impressive

The funny thing about learning a Muay Thai boxing skill is that no matter how you try, replicating the skill for as a first timer is sure to cause some waves of laughter in the camp. Skills in Muay Thai are simple, but they are tricky for freshers, so don’t be surprised if you crack people up in your camp (I’m exaggerating)

  • The gorgeous and idyllic landscapes
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Some muay Thai training camps in Thailand such as www.muaythai-thailand.com are located in islands and others are close to the beach; a very wonderful sight. Your training sessions will culminate in fun because there are great places close to the camps you can always relax after training. Also, some of your training will be on the beach, and it comes with a lot of exciting stories.

  • The beauty of cultural diversity

There is no telling the exciting and wonderful people you will meet in camp, from the various ends of the earth; Chinese, Algerians, Brazilians, Australians, and other amazing cultures. You will learn to interact with these different people from the day of your arrival because you will mostly be in pairs during your training.

  • A good Weight Loss Routine

Practicing Muay Thai boxing will guarantee one thing; rid you of unnecessary fat and help you put your weight in check. Muay Thai pieces of training also make you burn lots of calories with the Fats that you burn. At the end of your holidays, you will come out looking fitter and healthier; show me a better way to end the Holidays.

Wrap Up

Thailand is becoming a top destination for foreigners due to several reasons; the hospitability of its people, the interesting and wonderful Thai culture, beautiful islands scattered around the countryside, and most importantly: Thailand is home to the biggest Muay Thai ceremony/Festivals in the world. Foreigners who visit Thailand never want their stay to end, and end up in Thailand in the coming holidays.

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I assure you of having bucket loads of fun in Thailand and returning to your country with lots of amazing stories and adventures.