6 Ways to Have a Great Cup of Coffee 

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Most people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. While most people get their coffee from coffee-focused chains, i is different now with many brewing coffees at home especially, after the pandemic hit. But, is the coffee brewed at home taste the same? If not, what could be the problem? To improve the taste, flavor, and coffee skills, not only should you use the best coffee brands in usa, but you should know the mistakes to avoid while brewing your morning drink. Below are ways you can have a great cup of coffee and not settle for just a good cup.

1.Grind the coffee beans before brewing them 

It is a mistake to brew your coffee beans before grinding them. To enjoy a great cup of coffee, you should always use fresh beans and grind them before you brew them. Notably, once you grind the coffee beans, they degas fast, and you have only an hour of freshness left. Ideally, immediately after grinding, you should start the brewing. Experts and baristas recommend this to enjoy the taste and flavor of your coffee.

2. Only use fresh coffee beans 

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For a richer cup, use fresh coffee beans, not almost fresh beans. You can buy freshly roasted coffee and store it properly to maintain the freshness. In this way, it makes a big difference to the taste of the coffee drink. Avoid buying beans with no information about when the roasting of the beans. Yet, the time between roasting and brewing your coffee is critical if you want a great cup of coffee. Therefore, to up your coffee-making skills at home. Check the roast date to ensure you are getting fresh beans.

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3. Use the correct brew method 


You may be using the same coffee bean and roast, but every brewing method will bring out a different flavor. Some brew methods make very balanced cups, others strong and intense cups, and others very light. According to experts, the French press is rich and acidic, while the expert espresso is acidic and intense. On the other hand, the Aero Press creates a rich and mellow cup, and the drip method yields balanced and rich coffee. Choose a cup of cold brew for light and mellow caffeine fix.

4. Store your coffee beans well

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How best you store your coffee beans will determine the coffee quality you get. Leaving your coffee beans in the packaging bag is the worst thing to do. More so if you want to preserve the freshness of your coffee beans. Most people follow this mistake, and once they open the bag, moisture and air get in no matter how best you fold the top, and these are enemies of coffee beans. Therefore, the best thing to do is store them in an airtight container in a dark place. In this way, it allows you to brew fresh coffee. Keep your coffee from all the elements that can rob its flavors, such as light, moisture, oxygen, and heat.

5.Use chemical-free water 

A cup of coffee is mostly water, and the chemicals in the water you choose to use will affect the flavor of your brew. Chlorine is among the most contaminants in most public water supplies. It makes sense why they add it into the water, but these additives are the most expressive part of your cup. Therefore, choose to use filtered water, and you will taste the difference in your coffee drink. If you like it, there is a long-term fix for this, as you can choose from a variety of under-sink filters to help remove the contaminants.

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6.Rinse your coffee filter before using it 

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Most people have learned it is essential to buy quality beans and grind them at home. But, still, they make the mistake of not rinsing the paper filter. To make better-tasting coffee, run hot water through the filter before brewing. If you use brown filters, rinse them before using, for they can ruin even the best bean for they have a cardboard flavor. If you want filters that have no off-flavors, use oxygen bleached filters. Oxygen bleaching is a sustainable technique and is not harmful to the environment.