6 teen bedroom ideas that your kids will love

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Creating the perfect bedroom for a teenager is not an easy task. This room is more than their resting place. It is the room where most teens escape from adult rules and demands. A teen’s bedroom is their refuge place and the room where they can express themselves fully.

As you think about designing your teen’s bedroom, you should consider your kid’s style and give them a chance to express their ideas. Check out some of the teen bedroom ideas that you can embrace.

Come up with a multifunctional room

As a teenager transits from childhood to adulthood, they need a multifunctional bedroom. This is the room where they will sleep in, study, and hang out with their friends. To come with an excellent multifunctional bedroom for your teen, sit down with them and brainstorm which areas you need to include in the room.

Some of the most crucial areas you should include are a place they can lounge with friends and a customized study area. Even if your teen’s bedroom is small, you can still meet their multipurpose needs using a creative approach. For instance, you can include a vertical study area and a slim table.

Make the room cozy

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Since teenagers spend more time in their bedrooms than in any other room, you should ensure that this room feels comfortable. If, for instance, your kid’s bedroom has a smaller bed frame, you should consider getting a big one so that they enjoy sleeping in it as they continue growing. Doing comprehensive research can help you figure out which bed frames to buy for teens.

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Apart from the bed frame, you should also include comfortable bedding in your teen’s bedroom. You can let the kid pick the patterns and colors of bedding that reflect their taste. Ensure that you add warm bedding in this room to make the teen as cozy as possible. You can also include a fur rug in the teen’s bedroom and some soft throw pillows.

Consider smart storage

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Embracing smart storage solutions can encourage the teen to remain organized and minimize clutter. You can help the teen keep their bedroom tidier by adding different storage items such as shelves, dressers, storage bins, and an ottoman. You can even come up with a cabinet wall around the kid’s bed. As you add storage items, you should combine functionality with personality so that the teen can love their resting space for years.

Use a subtle theme

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Teenage is a sensitive stage of a kid’s development. As you think of the bedroom design of such a kid, you should create a space where they feel at peace. Decorating a teen’s bedroom can be less challenging if you are following a particular theme. Think about what your teen loves and embrace this in their bedroom. If, for instance, your teen is into surfing, you can add a coastal color palette and make surfboards part of the wall art.

If, for instance, your teen enjoys outdoor adventure or a particular sport, decorate their bedroom walls with artwork that reflects this. Come up with a trendy gallery wall that can make your teen feel happy every time they are in the bedroom.

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Give them privacy

Every teen enjoys some level of privacy in their bedroom. You can provide this by adding window shutters in the room. This not will not only give the teen some privacy but also help in filtering out light for a more conducive relaxing environment. If, for instance, your teen’s bedroom is big, you can carve out a window seat on the corner to give them a private area to hang out and relax. You can also add curtains that promote privacy in the teen’s bedroom.

Add color

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You can also lift the mood of your teen by adding color to their bedroom. Think about your teen’s favorite color and consider repainting their room in it. A vibrantly colored bedroom can make the teenager enjoy spending lots of time in it. You can add pops of color in this room that complement the pieces of furniture. Apart from this, you should think about including geometric designs in the teen’s bedroom.