6 Signs Your Wi-Fi Network Has an Unwanted Guest

Why you should be wary of connecting to public wifi

Right now, Wi-Fi is a hot commodity. People are learning, creating content, and browsing online with the various platforms on the internet. Having a working internet is an added advantage for many. But could someone be enjoying your connection with you? An outside party stealing your Wi-Fi is frustrating and inconveniencing, and harmful to you and your family. It is therefore advisable to learn the tell-tale signs to know when someone is using your Wi-Fi uninvited. In this article, you can learn how to tell someone is stealing your Wi-Fi.

You may be trying to stream rarbg for shows and music, but your internet is too slow. Therefore, if you realize a decrease in your internet speed, there is a tell-tale sign you have a Wi-Fi thief. Of course, this is not the only reason you may be experiencing slow internet speeds. However, if it happens regularly or more buffering, it is best to check if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi.

If you get a visit from law enforcement, it is a serious case. But a Wi-Fi thief could be the reason for these if they are using your Wi-Fi network to commit crimes. Some of the common crimes may be accessing illegal content or making threats to people. In such cases, they link your IP address to these crimes, and you get accused and not them. Very likely, this is when Wi-Fi theft becomes a massive problem. It can lead to an expensive and long nightmare as you try to prove it is not you. Plus, even if it is a subtler crime like piracy, you still do not want the blame.

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Advertising is one of the for better or worse of the internet age. The pop-up ads in every browser are a common sign to remind someone is monitoring your activity. Thus, if you all of a sudden start to notice ads that seem not you, it is a sign you have a Wi-Fi guest. Because the Wi-Fi squatter is sharing your IP address, their browsing history is causing the unusual pop-ups you notice in your browser. It is annoying to experience this, but it is harmful if the thief is using it for inappropriate or adult content from your network. This also leads to getting similar adult theme ads popping in your internet sessions. In case of this, you will want to take action as soon as possible.

  • Issues with your data or devices 

Wi-Fi powers more than the computer today. Therefore, if you encounter any privacy issues with other internet-enabled devices, this may be a Wi-Fi thief. Plus, they also have access to your devices sharing the same network connection. This includes laptops, game accessories, game consoles, and even security cameras and printers. But they may not care if all they need is free internet. But the worst case is when they start accessing your data. So, if you do not secure your information well, they can get access to sensitive information.

  • You get above average bills 

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The consequences of someone stealing your Wi-Fi could be financial too. If you pay for Wi-Fi on the basis of how much data you use, or when you go over a certain amount in a month, you have to pay as well. Because of this, you get high bills you did not expect for exorbitant data use. Therefore, if you get charged more than the average data bill you pay, you can consider looking if you have a Wi-Fi guest in your network.

  • An unfamiliar device in your network 
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Once in a while, it is good to check the devices connected to your network. If you notice one not of a member of your household, look further into it to identify it. But, just because the device name seems unfamiliar does not mean they are an interloper. Also, devices have unique names that are not related to what the device is, and so do not be alarmed if you notice or see something odd at first as you log in to check the connected devices.