5 Simple Ways to Reduce Climate Change Right From Home

In an alarming new report published in August 2021, scientists found that Earth is currently hotter than it’s been in 125,000 years.

The IPCC report added that greenhouse gases from human activity have caused our planet’s temperature to rise by approximately 1.1°C between 1850-1900. ‘Unprecedented transformational change’ is needed to limit the damage and reduce climate change.

A growing number of people are waking up to the severity of this issue. Many are wondering, ‘what can I do about climate change?’

Continue reading to learn how you can do your bit to help the environment.

Five Ways to Help Reduce Climate Change

In recent years, climate anxiety has become a common issue among human beings all around the world. It’s a good idea to focus on what you can control. And there are plenty of factors that are in your control.

1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient home will reduce your carbon footprint while also saving money. Heating and cooling are two of the most significant energy expenses in your home. Proper insulation and air sealing are simple ways to make your home eco-friendly and reduce energy waste.

When it comes to appliances, look for the Energy Star label to find the most efficient products. Make the switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs and unplug electronics when they are not in use.

2. Say No to Plastic

A staggering 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year. And researchers claim that the production and incineration of plastic contribute 850 million tonnes of greenhouse gases annually.

So, try to avoid buying products wrapped in single-use plastic. Reuse canvas bags when you do your grocery shop. And say no to plastic bottles.

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3. Go Solar

Fossil fuels are a major contributor to climate change, and scientists agree that renewable energy is the way forward.

With the installation costs cheaper than ever before, more people are turning to solar power in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re interested in going green at home, a solar installation company can offer more information and estimate your savings by installing solar panels.

4. Eat More Sustainably

Buying organic and local food when possible is an easy way to help the environment. If you have a garden, you can grow your own produce. And be sure to minimize your food waste.

The meat industry has a significant impact on climate change. Try to cut down your meat intake and consider a vegetarian lifestyle. Switching to a plant-based diet will massively reduce your carbon footprint, but it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself.

5. Put Pressure on Government and Corporations

Exercise your rights as a citizen and a consumer. Sign petitions to urge your government to take immediate climate action. Bold, global policies are needed, and it’s essential that companies and policy-makers take the necessary steps for our continued survival on this planet.

So, write letters, engage with your representatives, and voice your concerns on social media.

Change the World Through Small Actions

Well, that completes our guide on how to go green at home. Each one of us can reduce climate change with simple lifestyle changes. It may not be on a huge scale, but you never know the knock-on effects of your actions.

Focus on lovingly making your world more sustainable, and the outer world will reflect the changes you make.

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